Web Development

Witty Bites Media do care about your business that’s why we perform a strategic analysis for each need of client and understand all of their requirements. We investigate each pitch to determine the direction our client is going to make sure that goal is one that will benefit them in the long-term. We understand each client has a different requirement that’s why we offer personalized web experiences; Witty Bites Media helps their clients understand what type of website will bring them the most value long-term.

Understanding PhaseDuring this phase, we identify the project requirements based on analysis and direction from the client.

Planning Phase – Our team documents all of the technologies, features, and frameworks to be used and developed for the project.

Design Phase -UI elements, typography, and color schemes are selected based on branding requirements and our design research and analysis.

Development Phase - The development process involves following the created documentation to build the right features and functions.

Deployment Phase -Our quality assurance team performs tests to ensure that each feature works properly and performs to expectation.


Our web maintenance team monitors ongoing performance in the long-term to prevent issues from occurring.

Witty Bites Media web development team dedicatedly works according the right objective of our clients. We allocate team members to projects based on availability, objectives, and who is best suited for each project. Our approach to web development ensures we are building solutions that are able to scale as our clients grow. We use long-term safe frameworks and technologies that power the most expansive and expressive websites on the net. Your website will be built with a long-term vision by a team that understands the importance of your company's growth.

Types of Offering for Website Design –

Portfolio Website - 1-3 Pages website

About Us

Social media icons

Contact details

Contact form/Portfolio Gallery

Basic SEO set-up

Business Website

3-5 Pages premium website

About Us

Social media icons

Contact details

Contact forms


Basic SEO Setup

E-Commerce Website

5+ Pages Website

About Us Page

E-commerce integrated (except finance, insurance websites)

Back-up installed

Social media icons and banners

Content written - home page, about us, contact us

Product description - up to 30 products

Payment gateway integration

Customized colors & logo